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Friday, May 01, 2009

Man portrait in pencil

Malay Man  portrait in pencil A4
This portrait was done in Kuantan, on 20th March 2009, but the client only collected it today.
It was a portrait of her late grandfather, for rememblance.
The original photo was a passport photo, but lower part of the photo was torn and lost.
Thus, I can't see any of his jawline and chin.
That was the only photo they have.
The client provided me a photo of his uncle, which she claimed that both of them looked alike.
My job here was to 'fuse' them into one portrait.
I used to get many similar requests in the past. Definitely not a good and easy task.
What I can promise them was - I try my best! As it is up to my imagination + my experience on portrait drawing.

The client wanted to give a copy of this drawing each to her family members.
Instead of drawing so many copies, I proposed to have it scanned into digital copy, amd send to photo shop to make the copies.
Seems that this idea didn't occur to her. She was overjoyed when I proposed it to her.
But the most difficult part of this job is to get the resemblance of this subject.

Upon her collection, she was delighted:-
"Oh, goodness!"
"I will come back for more!"


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