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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Photo shooting.....

The photographer, Jun Liang from The New Paper, Singapore Press Holdings just came to do some shots of me, to be featured in The New Paper and Sunday Times.
Not sure on the exact date.
Because of this, my wife spent nearly 3 days just to tidy up my messy studio. Thank you:)))
Real dusty too.
After the cleaning, it looks more professional now :D
and I finally hang up all the framed artwork since I move back to work from home 13 months ago.

At least the photographer exclaimed with a 'wow' when he saw my studio. Hahaha....


Admin said...

Is the article out yet? Will you keep us informed if it's out? I'd love to read it! Thanks =)

jit said...

Not sure about the exact dates.
They din't tell me.
Will post in blog if I see it.:)))

Btw, you have nice works.

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