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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Caricature theme - wedding in stadium

Client's brief:-
"It's our 1st year wedding anniversary. I would like to surprise my husband with your art work.
We didn't exactly had our dream wedding, so i would liket your art work to represent our dream.
Item: Caricature in colour marker with theme - with background & body

Theme: Manchester United
2. There will 3 person in the drawing (Grace, Vincent & Avril Lavigne)
3. Theme: Manchester United
4. Request:
• This entire caricature is suppose to look like it's our wedding day.
• Vincent wearing MU jersey with black slacks (with bowtie).
• I am wearing a red hot Cheongsam with a high slit on the side. Hair is bun up with some long fringe dropping on the side of the face. I'll be wearing a white short veil as well. Also with gloves matching the veil (long or short up to you). Jewellery will be up to you to put or not.
• Avril Lavigne (with pink fringe) singing on a stage at the back with her guitar (not necessarily wearing MU jersey. something appropriate to sing for a wedding may be.)
• Background is football field stadium.
• Silhouette humans are sitting on the side of the stadium (representing guests of our wedding).
• Ferrari being parked in the middle.
• Vincent's in the car with his upper half body out, smiling. (hands up to you to decide, just look manly).
• I'm sexily lying on the front-hood, holding a bouquet of small yellow daisies. Facial expression & body gesture will be as seductive as possible.

wedding couple caricatures Man-U stadium A4
Nearly fainted upon looking at the very detail brief.
Hahaha.... joking.
Just need to open my eyes big on every details requested.
An wedding anniversary order from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
wedding couple caricatures Man-U stadium A4 revised
Revised version. Minor details till you may not even notice.
Added in wordings, Ferrai logo, Nike logo, rings, ear stud, Avril's logo on Guitar. All not in the initial brief. Pink fringe, which I have missed out. The client wanted to give Avril a skirt in her revised brief, which is not possible, since I can't erase the the lines and colour drawn, due to the nature of the medium I used.

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