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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Featured on The New Paper today.....

This article was up on The New Paper today, after about a month from the photo shoot.
To make full use of the empty screens, the photographer Jun Liang, asked me blow up some of the caricature works (digital version) on them.
The photos turned out excellent, but just afraid that the readers may have the misconception that these drawings were drawn digitally.
In fact, they were hand-drawn. I scanned them into softcopies, for portfolio sake, as well as to put up on my blog and website.
Due to copyright issue, I can't post up this article in high resolution.
Janice the reporter, said that I can only scan it in low resolution such that the words almost impossible to read. Just to show that I have press coverage.
Thus, you maybe disappointed if you intend to read this article.

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