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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Caricature theme - Superheroes

Client's brief:-

"I'm looking to present this caricature as a wedding anniversary present.....
I'm looking at a Superhero theme (Superman (husband), Wonderman (myself), Batman (son - but still considering), Hawkgirl (daughter).
Yes, I want the softcopy too. Wrt frame, I like the one with double layers of borders featured on your website. How much would that cost? Ultimately, the frame must "suit" the caricature and my home fittings. I want to hang it in my husband's study room (filled with his MASSIVE toy figurine collections!! He's an avid toy collector)....
I was thinking of having us in some form of superhero action, maybe saving e guiness tower/pint? Am thinking of having e guiness tower somewhat like a building, n it's tilting over (like e leaning tower of
pisa) with beer spilling over?"

Superhero family caricatures
Did a similar another superheroes theme family caricatures 2 years ago, but this one has lesser members, and has specific characters.
One issue I have here is the baby girl being the Hawkgirl.
As this baby is only few months old, while the Hawkgirl is an adult with a feminine figure, I try to choose an angle whereby it doesn't show too much of the body for the baby. I would prefer to portray her as Jack Jack in 'The Incredibles' (a baby should look like a baby, even as a superhero). However, the client still likes her to be the Hawkgirl in the caricature.
Next is to take the masks off from the Hawlgirl and Batman:D Won't see their faces otherwise.

The client looks happy (smiling away) upon receiving this artworks. Phew! Drawing Superheroes always stressed me somehow, as I need to get their costumes right. In addition, I have to make a balance between my style (the faces have to go with the body, in terms of drawing style), and not losing their essence.

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