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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Caricature theme - Cinderella

Client's brief:-
"...1) Do away with the cottages, and the details required for the bride's outfit/ hairstyle. You may just draw her as according to how she look in the photos we sent, just dress her in the cinderella gown will do. The groom, as mentioned in earlier email, no specific requirements.

2) Posture stays as what we said in earlier email.
"For posture, we will be outside of the carriage. I will be standing and carrying her in my arms and she will be wearing this glass shoe from the story. Make some glittering effect on the glass shoe if you can. Both of us will be facing the front...smiling (which means people viewing will actually see our full expression), head tilted side-to-side to one another."

Couple caricatures of Cinderalla and prince

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Unknown said...

Whitch technicc do you use to colorate?

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