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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Caricatures for Exxonmobil

Client's brief:-
"The theme is running and as the 4 gentlemen are from different countries, I will like to include an icon from their country into their portrait. Therefore, the portrait of each gentleman should be of them running with an icon from the country in the background.

Darrin Talley (American) -- Statue of liberty
Derk Hartgerink (Netherlands) -- Windmill
Stefan Jander (Germany) -- Neuschwanstein Castle
Kwa Chong Seng (Singapore) -- Merlion"

Runner caricature for Exxonmobil - 1
Though, it is the same theme - running, I try to give each of them a different angle and posture.
Runner caricature for Exxonmobil - 2
At least, some variety, not so monotonous.
Runner caricature for Exxonmobil - 3
With different settings, each of them looks unique in itself.
Runner caricature for Exxonmobil - 4
Client's feedback:-
"Thank you, Jit Leong. It looks good!"

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