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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Caricature theme - Super Rowberrys

Deliberately cut down my Christmas orders, partly because of this order.
My instinct told me that I will need a longer time on this family caricatures.
An order all the way from United States. The client wanted to present this to his family as a Christmas gift. He requested this artwork to be scanned into soft copy, so that he can get it on that side, and get it printed in time. I uploaded the files to my server for him to download, as they were too big to be sent across through emails. The original A2 file size was already about 42mb, with 300dpi resolution.

Client's brief:-
"I just thought that all in similar looking suits (but still show off superpower) could look good OR all in different outfits (one with a fire body, ice body, other outfits etc...could also work......
Whichever you think works better is fine. I'm fine with you designing it as a forest or city or wherever your inspiration takes you. Most important is that it comes through as a family of superheros....not just 8 superheros on a page.......
Super Powers: (you can make any of them fly also if that helps the picture)
Dad: Super Strong
Mom: Controls Environment
Tyler: Super Gadgets (like batman)
Lanae: Force Field
Sasha: Elasticity - Flexible
Coleman: Super Fast
Josh: Ice
Alia: Fire "

Designed a suit (with a "R" in front of the chest) for the whole family, instead of all in different suits.
It looked better as a family, I think.
Next was to layout the different characters with superpower.
The most difficult parts were the superpower of 'controls environment' and ' force field', especially to show it in a medium of colour markers.

Inked out the details. The overall picture became clearer now, but still lack of something.
The whole artwork looked loose, without a common setting.

Initially idea was to have them in red suit, but it looked too much like "The Incredibles"
I need a bright yellow for the "R" logo. Change the overall suit to ultramarine blue. The whole picture brightened up, when in contrast with the fire.
Added in some more smoke effects on the bottom right, to fill up the space, and to enhance the atmosphere. I forsaken the city or forest setting in the end, as it caused too much distractions, no impact and contrast. Put in a black setting instead. Now, the whole artwork had a strong contrast, as the superpower like 'force field', fire, smoke etc were light in colours.
Noticed at this stage that I spelled the surname in the heading wrongly.
Thinking hard of how to settle this mistake.
I removed the "S" in between, broaden the "B", and it happened that I added in the white highlight with liquid paper to enhance the mum's super power. The mistake looked not that obvious now.
Overall, this family caricatures turned out good to me. I am satisfied with it. Worth my efforts in spending more time and attention to it.

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Dark Knight said...

wah! welly nice !

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