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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Caricature theme - couple on Mercedes SLK

Client's brief:-
"My idea is basically to do up a caricature as a gift to her as we are celebrating our 1 year anni soon. I have seen some that you have done with the couple in a car and quite like the idea of that theme. I have included a picture of the car in which I hope you can use for the theme.

Just want to give you an idea of what I have in mind, however, do not feel as though its a lot of restrictions from me. I understand that its art and you need to have some freedom to do the nice work that you do. But just for the purpose of giving some guidelines and a better idea of what my preferences are, I attached 3 pictures which are actually taken from your blog. They are numbered 1,2 and 3. This is my feel for the 3 pictures.

- I like the one with the mini (1) most as I like the angle of the car in the picture as compared to the positioning of the red Honda (2) and silver Merc (3).
- The position of the 2 heads in (1) and (2) are better than (3) as the gap between the 2 heads in (3) looks quite odd.
- What I don't like about the mini pict is that the face of the guy is slightly obstructed.

Thats basically my feel. Please dont feel restricted by all these points I made. I am also willing to explore any ideas you might have.

Additional stuff that I am thinking of is putting our anniversary date on the number plate (13 Sept 2008 or 13/9/2008 or 13-9-2008). As for hands, dont really like her holding on to flowers. Other options like thumbs up, v-sign, wave, etc all look ok. Color of car can be silver, or something close.

I believe the 3 picts that I took from your blog are colour marker caricature? If yes, then thats the type I want for mine too. As for size, is it a standard size? I only see the pricing on your website but it doesn't indicate the size of the artwork for that price. I will also want a soft copy of the artwork for keepsake."

Couple caricatures on Mercedes SLK
Surprisingly, this time, the silver (grey markers used though) tones turned out quite promising.
One of the reasons could be that I have a full range of the greys.
Another reason coule be the control of lighting in the rendering, with the help of a good photo given.

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