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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Caricature theme - wedding

"2nd order: Western Wedding
1st link: Would like to have something similar especially the posture of the couple but the outfit for the couple please refer to my recent photos attachments especially the groom's outfit (as previously spoken, is for yr reference only as noted is a cartoon drawing, not portrait type of photography shooting)
2nd link: Could you please try to incorporate the similar layout re the car in ours. Meaning outline the back of a car in a suitable distance with few string cans dragging.... Type of car: if possible Audi in silver (our dream car - picture attached) -with car plate number SGW 1133P. haha hpefully to be obvious so will be a RED HOT 4D number to buy on our wedding day (is a Saturday) for all our ''4d'' friends & relatives.
Attached the link of Car picture of Audi A6 2009 for reference only:"

Wedding couple caricatures with Audi A6 2009
She has her own type of wedding suits.
Not those normal type.
At one glance, you should be able to tell her cheongsam textile pattern is not an easy job.
Yes, indeed,:)

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