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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Caricature theme - Home Sweet Home

Client's brief:-
"Kindly note the requirements:

- It's for a house-warming gift so I'd like to have both sitting on a bed (ie bed post to show it's a bed?)

- A small sign on the wall saying: "Home Sweet Home"

- Iggy is waving a fat duck leg in the air with one hand while the other holds a bottle of wine (2 photos of Iggy attached - please make a bit of his hair fall a little over his forehead so it looks less stiff.)

- Janice is holding a bottle of San Pellegrino (2 photos of Janice attached, hope they are clear enough. These are very old so please follow her current hair style which is shoulder length and parted to the side per click People on the side bar. Please give her nice hair and make her look pretty or she'll kill me. Please also include the red star on the San Pellegrino bottle - 1 photo attached.)

- I would also like to include their 3 cats - I don't have photos of them and only roughly know their colours and breed. Photos attached are taken from the internet just for samples.

1. Porcini - brown Abyssinian - would ideally like him to be either eyeing or reaching up for the duck leg which Iggy is waving in the air - 5 sample photos attached.
2. Brownie - striped brown Tabby - doing some odd or funny pose on the bed - 5 sample photos attached.
3. Truffles - a black & white - either doing some odd or funny pose or curled up in a ball sleeping or peering out of the bed cover etc - 5 sample photos attached.

I am so sorry to be so detailed about everything but I hear you're the best so would certainly be able to capture all the nuances."

Couple caricatures home sweet home
A simple theme, not those wild and exciting one.
This could be the challenge for this job too.
I try to put in simple and clean colour.
Without much bright colours, it will have to rely on the lineworks and strokes to do the job - looks good and not dull.
Another request which the client is very particular is to make her friend (the lady in the caricature) looks pretty in the drawing, or else she will kill her:D
Stressed me too.:D
I have to pay special attention to that when drawing her face.

Client's response upon seeing this artwork:-
"Wow, very nice, lovely!"

Subsequent email from her:-
"Hi Jit,
It was nice meeting you and thanks again for the fabulous caricature of our friends! "

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