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Monday, September 21, 2009

Caricature theme - solemnization

Client's brief:-
"I chanced upon your webby and was fascinated by your artworks! =)

I would like to have a colour marker caricature (with theme) of me and my fiance that will be used for my ROM - A3 size preferred.

1) FH and i will be lighting the unity candles (not doing in pavilion anymore, juz clear background will do as i cant find a nice pavillion or wedding arch image) - the pose will be similar to [lightingunity.JPG].

2) FH is wearing a black jacket suits and white shirt. - i dun have an image of FH wearing jacket suit. but it will look something like this:

3) i will be wearing a white gown - it's actually apple green with a light brown flower by the side. [me in gown.JPG and P4180222.JPG]

4) the unity candles will be in light pink and surrounded with flowers. [unitycandle.JPG] the candles we are holding have to be matching colours.

5) the unity candle will be resting on the a small table with beigh/peach tablecloth that looks like
6) FH photo [FH.jpg]

7) my photo [me.jpg]

i hope this is not too confusing. :) "

wedding couple caricatures solemnisation
SMS from the client:-
"Thanks for e hard work! It looks great.:) will look for u again for my actual day wedding. - jeraldine"

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