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Monday, September 07, 2009

Caricature theme - Ultrasonography

A returned clinet from Indonesia.
The brief:-
"...obstretic. & gynecology doctor maybe you can draw USG or something connect
with his job...."

Caricature of obstretic & gynecology doctor
Very bad with these scientific terminology, until I Googled them online.
Saw the image of scanning, and a baby face appearing on the monitor.
Ahha..... so this is the one.
Reminded me of those days when I accompanied my wife to see her gynae.
That gynae did the same thing.
Just that that gynae doesn't put on a cap like this subject. Hahaha...
That's the only photo given by the client.
Since I can't see his hairline and hairstyle, let the cap stays then,:)

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