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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Caricature theme - wedding

Client's brief:-
"Dear Jit

I would like to have a wedding caricature in colour marker with theme, background and body for my friends who are tying the knot in end of October. I have attached photographs of them. Let me know if you need other photos.

The particulars:
1. To have the drawing in portrait but not landscape.
2. To have garden/park theme (with trees, grass or flowers etc) for background like attached bg1.jpg or bg2.jpg. Something like bg3.jpg is quite close too.
3. To have some small little animal like birds, rabbit, duckling, deer, squirrel, piggy, etc surrounding the couples like the attached animal1.jpg or animal2.jpg or animal3.jpg or animal4.jpg.
4. Please have her in
a. pure white wedding gown but not yellowish like attached position2.jpg.
b. veil
c. long hair
5. Please have him in dark grey or black tuxedo suit.
6. Please have him carries her like attached position1.jpg or position2.jpg or have them in position like position3.jpg or position4.jpg or dancing position like attached, but both face must facing forward. Would need your expertise in this area, feel free to advice which one position is the best for this couple.
7. Before you colour the drawing, please assist to scan a high-resolution B/W outline version like position1.jpg.
8. At last, after colouring, I would like to have high-resolution scanning + burn on CD (i.e. in the end, there'll be 2 soft copies, 1 is b/w outline only and 1 is the coloured version).

Wedding couple caricatures ink outline A4
See the difference between caricatures in black and white outline, and in colours.
Wedding couple caricatures colour A4
Though the ink outline has its own beauty, I still prefer them in colours, despite more works involved.
The facial muscles are better shown.
Every items (the subjects, trees, birds and rabbit) stand out better in colours.

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