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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Caricature theme - Sailing

Client's brief:-
"Do you think it is possible to do it on the laser pico as the theme (I've attached 2 picture of laser pico) and 2 more photos of him (one in sunglasses). Unfortunately I do not have a better photo as he doesn't like to take pictures.

I could go with him drawing or him with the guitar (as these are all his hobbies, or even fishing)- if the sailing them is difficult.....

I could also have him with holding a can of "tiger" beer in the sail boat....

Best would be to have him on the Laser Pico Sail with can of Tiger (need not have the whole word in there, just symbolic is fine too).
Would want to include "Happy Birthday" together with some inconspiciously small inscription of the date & signatory somewhere to remember the year - "19 Sep 2009" & from "Deborah"."

Sailing caricature
I have chosen this photo where y his features are slightly distorted, as the base/reference for this cariature.
It will show him enjoying (and struggling?) with the sail, better, as compared to a normal smiling photo.
Added in the rough sea, to make the caricature more dramatic.

SMS from the client:-
"Hi Jit, thanks for the caricature. Like it. Cheers, deb"

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