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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Caricature theme - Narcotics Superintendant

Client's brief:-
"My idea is to have the Central Nacrotics Bureau logo as the backdrop. He in a police uniform with the rank of a Suprintendant. Below include Three Mugs of Beer, with our names of Krishnan, Brian & Ronie...
Attached is the rank structure of the Police Force... Suprintendant rank is one crest and two peaks. Please emphasis on this as this is a promotion gift.
Do not have a CMB logo in soft copy. You may wish to goggle in for it under CNB website. www. "

Narcotics Superintendant caricature
Was wondering what colour was the uniform of a Narcotics Superintendant.
Checked their website and can't find any clue.
Since the client mentioned 'police force', I will just treat him as a police.
Dark blue uniform then.

Immediate response from the client upon his collection:-

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