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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Caricatures for American Express (AMEX), Singapore

Just finished drawing this group caricatures for AMEX.
I have hard time stitching the scan-in parts for this artwork, as the original is A2 size.
Again, this is a farewell gift, for the boss who loves diving.
We have people who loves cooking, reading, dancing, fishing and tennis here.
The tennis theme may be a bit out of the other themes.
Hence, I have the fisherman caught a fish, threw towards the tennis guy, who in turn hit it and landed on a barbeque bit, for the 2 chefs to cook. The ladies will be sitting and reading, sun-bathing and relaxing, waiting for the food.
I intentionally draw it in portrait format. It is harder to draw, as compared to the landscape format. It is harder to reach and draw those parts on top, and not to smudge the bottom part of the drawing. However, I think the result is better. Do you think so?
Initially, the client wants to have different flags of the countries each of this staff in-charge of.
However, I think it will spoil the overall feel of the caricature layout, and persuade them not to include. they accepted it.

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