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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Caricature theme - speed racer

Client's brief:-
"Hello Jit,

I'm not even sure how I found you site but WOW! I want one!!.


I'm a huge Speed Racer fan and would like my own version! I enclose some pictures to give you a more clear idea of how if possible I would love it to be?
Could you make me more muscular and built. NO GLASSES, and a goatee instead of a bread. For my wife image as Trixie, my wife is more voluptuous. And her hair is about shoulder length. A medium brown with high lights. Also I have a picture of a racing jacket I actually getting. The colors are all ARMY color i.e.(Green, Gold, Black, Yellow,Gray, White & Brown). Could you draw me in? And please take all liberty to jazz it up! And my helmet under my arm like Speed has his.

For the background could you draw a really cool Speed Racer like style racing car with racing decals on it i.e. ( US Army, Goodyear, FS4C - Footsoliders4Christ, & T.A.C.T - Total Access Communication Team) like Stock cars do. And we could be standing in front of the car. Or the background could be a racing track with my car winning the race & the checker flag coming down? And our images standing over the track. Similar to your Monday April 6 2009 blog of the golfer."

Couple caricatuers speed racer
An order from Philadelphia, United States.
My oversea orders are showing signs of increment.
Quite a good phenomena for me, as my oversea orders are almost flat in the past.
Not as much as local orders though.
That's the power of internet. Of course, artworks need to be appealing to them too, for them to place order with you.

I am always very careful about oversea orders, in case we have any misunderstanding due to miscommunications, especially in the price quoted. Usually I quoted "$" instead of "SGD" in my emails. Local clients will understand that I quoted in "SGD" when I put "$".
However, when an email without any phone numbers attached, or any".sg" behind, and the way the clients enquire different from the usual enquiries, I will have to check where they are from.
This is because the next bigger concern is collection. Local clients do self-collection, while oversea orders require shipping/softcopies, depending on their preference. There's an additional fee incurred. And I have to state it clearly in the first few emails, so that there won't appear as hidden costs to them. Usually, it goes on quite smoothly, unless the timing is not right, or budget concerns.

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