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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Caricature for Ernst & Young

Client's brief:-
"I would like to make a caricature (A4 size) for the lady in the picture below. This is meant as a retirement gift for her, who is retiring in a month time. Therefore I would like to make a caricature of her doing some relaxing retirement activities (for eg, lying by the pool or doing her shopping etc - we are open to your suggestions)....
1) The major clients that make up our boss's portfollio are as follow:
• Rolex
• American Club
• Diners Card
• Metro Shopping
• Natural Farm
• EMI music
• Dynasty Hotel
• Borders
• Black and Deckers

U may wish to incorporate them into your drawing. "

Caricature for Ernst & Young retiree
Getting messy on my client orders recently. Getting busy in handling enquiry emails, orders, photos, drawing etc.
This order was 'blown' by the fan, out of my work schedule tray.
Thus, I didn't bring it along to draw on my trip to Kuantan.
I only found out when the client called up to check on the status.
Hence, the collection time was delayed by 2 hours. My mistake!

The empty space of the shopping bags are meant for the signatures and message from the colleagues. Didn't manage to put in all the brands as per requested. This was highlighted to the client beforehand, and they agreed to have at least 4 brands. But, I still managed to add in 3 more.

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