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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beatles caricatures for Ernst & Young

Another order from Ernst & Young, but from different person.

Client's brief:-
"As spoken earlier today, we would like to have a caricature to be done in theme with colour for 5 pax.

Details of the caricature
The 5 pax will be the 4 members of Beatles and our partner.
Attached is the photo of our partner and beatles.
The above photos were chosen so that the people inside will look around the same age.

The idea is to have our partner playing band happily together with the 4 members of Beatles. Our partner should be the one playing guitar. The instruments for the rest of the beatles members will be up to u to decide.

The picture shall be drawn on a A3 size paper, as suggested.......

Please also include the following inscriptions:-

Presented to
Mr William Chua
In appreciation of his dedicated service to EY Tax-B"

Though I have listened to some of their songs, this is the first time I take a close look at Beatles members, because of this job.
Beatles caricatures for Ernst & Young
Luckily the subject has a similiar hairstyle to the Beatles.
I bet the photo provided was taken sometime around that 'era'. :D
Though drawing celebrities and group caricatures have some stress, the main stress comes from the guitars and drums. Frankly speaking, I never like to draw them. It is a painful process to me.

Beatles caricatures for Ernst & Young framed with metal engraving plate
The caricatures framed up with the metal engraving plate. Looks neat and good to me.:)

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