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Monday, June 15, 2009

Couple caricatures in ink

Client's brief:-
"Dear Jit,

I'd been a follower of your blog since a long time ago and has always impressed by your drawings every single time. So I'm very excited to finally get to own a piece of your artwork. I especially like those pieces you do during live shows in shopping malls & company D&Ds. Haha, you don't have a schedule of events informing your readers/fans from time to time where you'd be doing live shows, otherwise I could go spend at those places to have my portrait done by you!....

I only need the caricature in ink, not colour. The final outcome of the caricature drawing is typically like what you do for liveshows, the presentation of the drawing is such that it's usually a head, half body (at least can see both arms), no background that kind.
I never get to attend your live sketching events so I hope to have something like that done with reference of pictures. ...."

couple caricatures in ink 150609
Didn't realise that my live caricature sketching can attract customer orders, as I always think that those artworks which I really spent more time have more convincing power.
Since she's one of my blog followers, I shouldn't disappoint her.
In fact, this caricature artwork has more substance than those I did for live sketching.
I added in G-pen fine strokes besides the bold brush strokes. Not too weak, and yet not too bold.
It takes up longer time, but it is definitely worth the effort.
I still prefer such style, which I have been using for years, since 1995. I would say after 14 years of using these 2 mediums, I can control them better. They seldom failed me.

She dropped me an email:-
"Hi Jit,

Thanks for the caricature done for us! I really like it! Sorry that we didn't really have big reactions that day. After we brought it home, we kept admiring it! My boyfriend & I really love it! It really looks like us! Thank you! Will definitely engage your services again!

En En"

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enenmon said...

Thank you, Jit for the mention! Hehe...

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