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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Caricature for Exxonmobil

Client's brief:-
"I am pretty excited to see your work. Am impressed with the website I saw, especially those comments on the sequence of events. This is going to be our first try out and if all goes well, we will have many requests coming in for you.......Basically he is a triathlon and enjoys running a lot. Was thinking that we can draw him running and to show him in his running outfit with the number label on it . Background is to use Singapore scene as he visits here very often. You can have the Singapore flyers (he has been up there), also he enjoys eating crabs at Jumbo Seafood at UDMC East Coast Park and he is a beer person. Hope all of this will give you more ideas when you do the caricature of him."

Caricature for ExxonMobil runner
I didn't choose the normal front view of the photos given.
Chose this angle instead. More exciting and challenging. MOre satisfaction too.

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