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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Caricatures for Vestas Asia Pacific Wind Technology Pte Ltd

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit
You came highly recommended by my colleague (whom I believe had a family portrait done by you).

My colleague, Lykke Nielsen Hoj (our Forecasting Manager), will be leaving us to return to our Headquarters in Denmark by 15 June after a 2-years stint here. I hope you could do something wonderful for us so that she can remember her stay here. Other then loving your portraits below, I really do not have a clue what the background should be. I have 9 other colleagues in the same department and would probably like you to include our logo or product (we are in the business of producing of Wind Turbines by the way) in the Group Caricature. Could you please propose what is workable and also provide me with a quotation (being in the Finance Department, we need to justify every single cent!)

Thanks a huge bunch!
.... We would like to do the leaving party (Lykke’s her name) in colour with the rest of us in ink (b/w). Something like the example of your drawings below.

I would like Lykke to be on a plane (preferably Singapore Airlines if possible. If it’s too much of a hassle, forget it) flying out of Singapore on the top right hand corner. The rest of us will be in a bubble, like a thought to her. As our office is in HarbourFront, could you probably do an outline of Singapore Island, interlink by cable cars with Sentosa Island at the bottom left corner, with our building protruding somewhere like a 3-D feature, like the example below.

Could you also include our respective names and Company logo as well? The Company logo is located together with my signature at the end of this email.

Finally, could you be so kind as to draw the ladies with a more “refined” chin, minus the wrinkles and stuff. You get what I mean right? ;D"

Caricatures for Vestas Asia Pacific Wind Technology Pte Ltd
I didn't use any brush for the ink caricatures of the 9 staff.
They are to small (on A3 size) for me to do so.
Thus, G-pen is the only tool I used for them.

Client's immediate response upon her collection:-
"Great! Nice!"

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