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Monday, June 01, 2009

Caricature theme - picnic @ the beach

Client' brief:-
"I was looking for ideas for a birthday gift for my bf on the internet when I came across your website. Your drawings are fantastic! And I thought it would be wonderful if you could draw one of us.....
A little about us:
Me: like the sun, sand and the sea, reading
Him: like racing, cars, blue, njoy badminton, jogging

We dont have much hobbies.

I was wondering if the caricature could be something sweet/romantic with something funny in it? Add in a naughty monkey mayb?

I was kinda thinking of us by the beach? sunset mayb? us sitting on a car? or perhaps on a picnic mat (with balloos tied to a corner?) with home-made food, near-by a car? under a tree? and theres a box of muffins/cupcakes on the mat, with a letter on each of them, spelling out "Happy 29th Birthday Sayang!". From that near-by tree, theres a monkey who's trying to steal away some of the cupcakes/muffins maybe? Since we are at te beach, cld ou draw out some crabs too?"

Couple anniversary caricatures picnic at the beach
There was a hiccup for this order.
I accidentally slipped this order behind those orders collecting after this client.
Thus, when the client appeared at my doorstep, I was shocked, and realised that I have not drawn it. Faint... How can I make such a mistake?
Thank goodness that this client was forgiving, and I promised to mail it to her the next day.
To make up for it, I offered to give her the high resolution softcopy at no extra charge.
As soon as I complete it, I email her this softcopy.

"Hi Jit,

Thanks! Its nice!
Looking forward to look at the physical copy.

Nadiah "

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