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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Caricature theme - Happy Buddha

Client's brief:-
"....I'm printing an invitation card for my dad's 60th Birthday. I would like a Happy Buddha caricature drawn of him. I've attached a few pics of my dad (i'll look for better ones, he doesnt take many pictures!) and few pics of the Happy Buddha. I would like his hand to be holding a glass of wine and the other a cigar (his trademarks). Please do this in ink and brush style (with theme). I think the body might need to be slightly bigger than the usual caricature proportion to show the belly (another of his trademark). He also has quite prominent jowls....."

Happy Buddha caricature in ink
Happy or Laughing Buddha? Whatever. I know in Chinese, it is called 笑佛(弥勒佛).
The client felt that his dad looks like this Buddha.
Yes, to a certain extent.
But the problem is the subject is not smiling much in the photos provided.
Thus the effect won't be that goo.
In fact, they requested to have him in bald.
My only concern is that there will be a huge different from the impression they have of the subject, though it is closer to the Buddha. Even if I get very close resemblance, they may not think so too.
In the end, they decided to have him with hair, but opted for the long earloobs.
As it is done in black and white, they can't really tell that they are earloobs. I can understand that as normal people don't have such long earloobs.

Email from the client:-
"Hi Jit,
Thanks for the invite card caricature; the invite came out very nicely.......

Best regards,
Sophia Shen"

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