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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Caricature theme - woman with handbags & shoes

Client's brief:-
Sitting on a leather sofa as shown.
One hand holding a martini.
One hand holding the one end of a pair of shades.
Background of a shoe closet as shown.
(doesn’t have to look that extensive, so long as the impresion that she has a lot of shoes is incorporated)
The way she sits should face a bag closet, and must show the red shoes of her heels, .
In a room with chandelier

Bags and shoes lying around on the floor
Kids toys lying around in a mess

Wearing these shoes: .....
Wearing this dress: .......
Wearing cartier bracelet (martini hand) .....

One hand holding the one tip of a sunglass (hand on armrest)
The bags lying around on the floor will be: ......
(make this Maroon Red)

The shoes lying around on the floor will be: .....

The bags in the closet will be: .....
(make this Steel Grey)"

Lady caricature with shoes and bags
The client has everything in mind.
My job is to put everything she wanted on paper, artistically and aesthetically.
I am immuned to the fashion, especially the ladies.
Now, she provided me all the photos.
Saved me the trouble and cracking my head.
But my stress was drawing them as close to the photos as possible.
The result was satisfactory. This caricature looked 'rich' to me.

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