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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Caricature for Republic of Singapore Navy

Client's brief:-

This may be demanding... but i urgently need a caricature with theme & colour. for our commanding officer which is leaving us on the 4 Jun 09. hopfully can collect the finish items by 3 jun evening.

the drawing be in which scale i leave it to you.

in the drawing there will be,

1. commanding officer (LTC) on the fore- ground, (maybe playing with a radio remote control of the ship) 2. ship on the back-ground moving.
3. ship badge and name must be clearly seen 4. try to put our name down if possible some where at the side.

"having you as our command has always
been the BEST things we CPO's could ever want"

attach is some of the photo of our command and ship ....

the ship badge and ship name VIGILANCE still stand as shown at the side of the ship as in "ship templat.jpg" or you may want to use total same template as in the mention jpg file."

Caricature for Republic of SIngapore Navy
The badge was too small to be seen at the side of the ship.
Hence, I proposed to have a bigger one at the top left hand corner of the caricature.

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