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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Caricature theme - 21st birthday

Client's initial brief:-
"....I will like to have a 'Caricature in ink (b/w) with theme - with background & body' drawn of my friend. My friend's name is Reyes. He will be turning 21 years soon on 1st May 2009. In the picture, I will perhaps like my friend to be carrying one big key behind him. Maybe you can have his name 'Reyes' drawn on his shirt in the picture or something. He is also a Man United soccer fan. I guess I leave some of stuff to your imagination....."

Caricature 21st birthday key in ink and brush
I saw the above brief, and thus did a caricature in ink with theme, but missed out the subsequent emails whereby he changed his decision to do it in colour.

Caricature 21st birthday key in colour
He sent it back for the colouring.
Definitely, with the colours, everything stands out, and injected more life to the caricature.

Ehmm.... he does have a bigger left eye, as in the photo.

Client's feedback:-
"Oh! Very nice! Great!"

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