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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Caricature for Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore

Client's brief:-
"We intend to give our Chief Executive a farewell caricature gift, which we also intend to scan and print to use as part of the backdrop for his farewell party.

As he is one who places emphasis on 'teamwork' and 'work hard, play hard', we hope to capture this into the caricature. For 'work hard, play hard', one idea is perhaps to show him in a business jacket for upper body and in running gear for lower body (he is an avid runner). "

Caricature for People's Association running
Pretty straightforward job.
Only thing I need to take note was, not to draw the shorts to look like an underwear.
Else it will look like he lost his pants.:D

Client's feedback via email:-
"Thanks Jit. I have received your caricature. It is very good."

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