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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Caricatures for Raffles Girls' Primary School

Group caricatures for Raffles Girls Primary School Class 6A 2009 Pencil sketch
This was really a rush job.

From the time the client placed his order with deposit, till his collection time, I have only 1.5 days. Minus off the time for sleeping, fetching my kids and dinner (slightly longer as we had our diinner at McDonald's), I have less than 1 day to complete it.

The above pencil sketch was done before the dinner. This took slightly more time, as I need to get their resemblance right.
The client provided me the formal class photo, but was way too serious.
I chose the other more cheeky and fun photo to draw.
It took more me mroe time, but it was worth the effort. At least, we can see a more cheerful class caricature here.

Raffles Girls Primary School Class 6A 2009 caricatures (original) A4
To my surprise, the inking was done in a pretty short time, about 3 hours+.
Pure G-pen, no brush strokes, as the faces were too small. Just like the caricatures for HSBC.
I rather put in more effort in the G-pen linework then doing "double work" with the brush, which may not make them look better at this scale.

Raffles Girls Primary School Class 6A 2009 caricatures (with names) A4
The client requested for names to be included in the artwork.
Since he asked for digital scanning in high resolution (for printing on class T-shirts), I choose to add in the names (with stroke outlines) in the softcopy, using Photoshop.
The names stood out better, and make the artwork looked richer.
Butthe process was rather painful. I took about 2 hours to sort and input the names. Unbelievable!
The caption here definitely looked better than my handwriting.

Client's immediate response upon seeing this artwork:-

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