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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Caricature theme - my Guardian Angel

Client's brief:-
"....., I would like to surprise my boyfriend with a caricature in ink(b/w) with theme (with background & body) for our 2nd anniversary......
I would love it if you can use this pose (exclude the background & the words) for the both of us as this is our best picture ever.

For the clothing, both will be wearing our nursing uniform.
I hope you get the rough idea on how it looks. Males wear a shirt with pockets like the female’s and plain white pants. You don’t have to draw the name tag. We both wear plain black shoes.

As for the heading (which is placed at the top), it is inspired from a company where we used to work together as a part timer where we first met.
However I want to get it personalized to look something like this:

My guardian angel is a song title of a song we both like.
Wazizi is his name.
180507 is the date we got together
Salizah is my name.
Can you draw him a muscular arm? Cause he’s really into body building. ....."

Couple caricatures My Guardian Angel A4
Like a very long brief, at my first look.
After reading through it, the client is actually trying to give me a more detail brief.
And when it was done, I asked myself - "Is that all?" :D

Feedback via email from the client:-
"hi jit,
i would like to thank you for the caricature.
i really love it!
sorry i didn't give any reaction that day.
i was kinda shock to see my caricature.
didnt expect an A3 size to be so big haha.
I love it!
Thanks for my guardian angel caricature!!
and my bf said it really look like us.
oh btw i tink you forgot to enter our names and wristband for him, but its ok.
will ask you to draw again in future, for sure!
thanks again
-salizah "

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