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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Caricature theme - tennis players

Client's brief:-
"A brief of my intended caricature (caricature with ink)
2 of us [photos attached (she's the girl on the right) ] with a tennis court as the background. The girl should be holding a tennis racket (picture as attached) and i should be wearing the shirt as in photo8.

Would like the caricature to be simple and sweet, and more realistic in terms of the drawing of faces."

Couple caricatures Tennis A4
The client requested for 1/4 of the A4 size, which is A6 size (10.5cm x 14.85cm) .
This is way too small for me to draw.
It will definitely affect the details and hence the outcome.
Thus, I proposed to have it drawn in A4 size (usual size is A3), scanned the original artwork into softcopy and print it out in A6 size.
Looking at the printout, I think I have made the right decision.

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