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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Caricature theme - Superman, Wonder Woman & Superdog

Client's brief:-

I came across your web page and I must say that I am impressed with your works.

It didn't take me too long to decide that THIS would be just the perfect gift for my boyfriend who is turning 21 in April.

I would like to request for a caricature of me and my boyfriend as well as his dog done in colour marker.

The details of the designs will be as follow:

-Boyfriend will be wearing a superman costume, looing super fit with the perfect figure but nothing like the HULK please.
-I will be wearing the wonder woman costume but nothing as muscular as the real wonder woman please. Slender and flattering!
-Rusty, the dog will be wearing a superdog costume
-We love the beach because it's the place we met and it shall be the be the backdrop. With sunset (we love that) ? Or just clear blue sky?

Is this possible?

I can't decide if we, the super people should be standing/flying against the backdrop or maybe the super people can sit down and have picnic on the beach with a red and white checkered picnic mat, embracing each other, feet in sand. And there must be a guitar on the picnic mat as well. His favourite.

This is crazy. I can't decide.

Maybe you can give me some suggestions? :)

And wordings "Happy 21st Birthday, Superman"

I am excited and I really hope this caricature will look just like as (as much as possible)!!! :)"

Before I complete the drawing, she was quite excited and email me:-
""I hope the drawing went on well! How did it go, Jit?

Have been looking at your recent works on your blog and boy, they are fantastic! And I am truly excited about my portrait! Heart filled with anticipation.

I forsee myself making more orders with you in the near future. :)"

Couple caricature Super man Wonder woman Superdog
This sort of stressed me a bit :D i.e. I cannot disappoint her hahaha......
Initially, I told her that likely do draw them on the picnic matt.
When I started sketching, I think it will look better by having the Wonder Woman on Superman's bag, flying in the air with the Superdog.
It came out quite good, at least I am satisfied with it.

Email fom the client, after her collection:-
"Hey Jit,

I just want to say I am very happy with the work.

I had mixed feelings when I first got the drawing from you as at the first glace, it didn't quite look like me! Haha. But after looking at it closer, it's really not bad :)

Really like the way you put my ideas together.

Thank you very much. :)

Sheena "

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