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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Caricature theme - Sex in the City

Client's brief:-
"I would like to have 3 drawings of a SITC (Sex In The City) type background of 4 friends. The main Lady Mary (the bride) will need to be in the centre and the rest of us (3 brides maids) around her or underneath her. We want to look very SITC stylish and the background should be the Manhattan sky line....
I am looking for a silhouette of the skyline. In the beginning scenes of the movie, the 4 characters are walking in the street wearing 'stylish' clothes and looking very 'New York Glam'. That is the image I would like to achieve (not wedding theme).... more like 4 best friends out on the town shopping and having fun!
You can add a cosmopolitan coctail in Mary's hand for extra effect (since this is the cocktail they all drink in the movie/ series)."

Group caricatures Sex In The City A4
This job was quite stressful, as the client's needs 3 more duplicate copies of the same artwork (since redrawing 3 more pieces will be charged accordingly).
This means that if the original artwork is not acceptable, so are the rest.

Luckily the client's response was:-
"Oh, wow!!!"

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