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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Caricature theme - wedding on hammock

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,

We browsed through your website & other websites, and we found something we like (pls refer to the details below).

1) Type: caricature in marker
Size: A4 size (Notice that the size you quoted at your website is based on A3 size. We find
A3 is too big for us. Can we have A4 size instead? Any price different?)

2) Pls take a look on our photos (another email that I sent). Do let me know are they clear to you.

3) We both love "Picture 1" (something we found at other website) esp the pose of the groom & the bride. Can you draw us in the same pose based on our photos?

4) We would like to change the background to beach background & we both sit on hammock instead (something like what you drew at "Picture 2")

5) Instead of holding fishing stick, we would like to change them to -
Groom - holding on a bottle of beer
Bride - holding on a boutique of flowers

5) We also would like to add some letters drawn on the sand in front of the couple -
Chris Zin Ee"

Wedding couple caricatures on hammock A4
The couple eventually opted for A3 size, which is better in details, as what I have proposed to them.
I have more freedom, in terms of drawing space, to put what I want to express on the drawing paper.
They wanted a high resolution scan-in of the artwork too.
That's why you see this artwork crisp sharp here, as compared to those camera taken snapshot.

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