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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Caricature for Standard Chartered Bank

Client's brief:-
"...I have attached here with pics of my boss Jerry Pearce on a bike and below mentioned are the drafted farewell messages to be included in the caricatures..... "

Caricature for Standard Chartered bicycle cyclist
The messages are way too long. Could literally filled up this A3 size paper.
The client decided not to include in the drawing instead.

This expression was not easy to draw, but I enjoyed the whole drawing process.
Not the usual smiling face. This kept me excited.
The helmet was not on the head in the photos provided.
Thus, got to put in some imagination as in how it will fit on his head at this angle.
I think the left (bigger) fist helped to spice up this caricature further. This was what I called the 'Kick"
Not proportional in relation to the body. Not so mundane, at least.

Client's response:-
"Oh, wow, Great!


Kelly Gannon said...

My job Jit!

jit said...

You mean you have done a similar job?:D

Kelly Gannon said...

Don't know what happened...I shoulda proof read...was supposed to say...
Man,nice job Jit! My printer "stuttered!!!" Sorry.

jit said...

No worries.
Thanks man!

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