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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Caricature of Barack Obama

obama requested for Obama cartoons to be submitted to them, last night.
Politician caricature of Barack Obama  pencil sketch
I have my exaggerated version done up late last night, with him holding the America flag) as a record for the 1st Black US president in history.
Politician caricature of Barack Obama ink
Is he really the hope for the Americans, and the world?
Yet to see, which I think it is a really tough job for him, given that this financial crisis is the biggest since The Great Depression in 1929.
Mother of all bear markets is no joke!
Don't think he can laugh so happily, when the job is handed over to him next January.
Politician caricature of Barack Obama A4 watermark
Not a Superman (yet?) A super Obama, maybe. In black suit:)))

Since it has been uploaded to ToonPool, I must do justice to my own blog. My visitors can't be the last one to see this artwork here. That's why you see this hot and fresh from my oven.
Those earlier posts prior to this, will be posted up gradually.


RaSh said...

Really impressive caricatures!

Keep posting! :)

Anonymous said... cute..!

RaSh said...

Inspired by your blog, I helped organize a caricature workshop in my college. We called an Indian Caricature artist who explained about the basics of Caricatures etc.

I sketched Obama using your Caricature as a reference, and would love to hear your comments on how to improve! :)

PS: The sketch won't be used for selling/making money. Just thought I'll clear that :D

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