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Monday, November 10, 2008

Dog portrait in colourpencil

I seldom draw pet portraits, be it in pencil or colourpencil.

The last few dog portraits was done when I was drawing in Clarke Quay., think about 6-9 years ago. The above portrait was an order from a Japanese lady (I used to have a lot of Japanese clients in Clarke Quay at that time). Her 2 dogs has passed away. This portrait was done in rememblance of her beloved pets.

Dog portrait in colourpencil
This is the new dog portrait in colour pencil, after so many years.
For dog portraits, besides the proportion (the face, the face in relation to the body), we need to take note of the flow of the fur and muscle.
In this case, this dog has long fur.
All the muscles are covered up with the fur.
My concern here is the flow of the fur. On top of this, the ultimate goal of drawing the fur is to achieve the softness of the fur, with the colour tones taken into consideration too.

The client gave me 2 photos, and this one is better than the other, but the legs are hidden. Thus, it looks rather wierd at the first glance of this portrait.

Dog portrait in colourpencil with frame
She chose a white frame.
I chose a brown border (colour differs from the original colour due to camera lighting) with a v-groove to enhance the portrait and frame.

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