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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Group caricatures for Edwards Lifesciences (Singapore) Pte Ltd

The client's initial brief:-
".....our VP Randy Woodgrift who will be leaving the company by 20 Nov and hope you could do something wonderful for us.
We would like to have Randy standing on the cherry picker with yellow safety helmet in front of our building with Changi airport at a small top corner"

as that building was built up by him, and near Changi Airport.

Then they saw the above artwork for HP, on my website, and wanted to have a similar one, and include their staff (b/w because the price was lower). Highlighted to them that the background blue gradient was added in the softcopy, after the original artwork was scanned in. Since they only ordered for the hardcopy, the original artwork will have a white background, as it is nearly impossible to create such a smooth gradient using colour markers. It won't look as good in the latter. Thus, I might as well don't do it.

group caricatures for Edwards Lifesciences pencil sketch
He has a Hummer. This SUV was quite rare here. At least, I seldom see it on Singapore roads.

group caricatures for Edwards Lifesciences ink
That building was not easy to draw.
They highlighted to me that the front facade has a pattern to signify the heartbeat, as there are dealing with medical devices for heart.
group caricatures for Edwards Lifesciences colour
group caricatures for Edwards Lifesciences colour with frame
This frame is popular amongst my clients, whenever they ordered for an A2 size drawing.
Maybe due to the reason that I put this wood as sample on my website.:)))
It looks good anyway.

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