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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Caricature theme - golfer

Caricature golfer
Continue with the caricatures of the family members of 8.

The bride's father - who loves golfing.

My auntie told me that she saw all these caricatures at her relative's wedding dinner on 7th Dec 2008 (delayed blog post here).
They looked familiar to her.
She went closer and saw my signature.
Wah! What a small world! and what a small ring of caricaturist in Singapore too.

She said that I must be a very popular caricaturist in Singapore.
Her relative (niece of her husband's sister) won't engage non-popular people's services.
Heard that the photographer they engaged was paid $500 per hour. Wah! And he was engaged for 10 hours that day!!!

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