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Monday, November 24, 2008

Comic illustration - Timing the Market

Comic strip illutration - Timing the Market watermark
This comic/cartoon illustration belongs to the series of (12) comics which I will be illustrating for "Robin Ho Smartrade Pte Ltd" 2009 calendar.
These illustrations are all about the stock market.
Not the first time doing these kind of illustrations, but just seldom do it.
The last time which I have done such theme was about 5-6 years back.
It was a book for a broker/remisier.
Those are simple cartoon linework.

This time, the illustrations are more elaborated, which I have added in some cross-hatching, to give some elements to the drawings. purely black and white linework without any colours. Thu, it got to look interesting on its own.

The theme - timing the market, meaning that the bull or bear usually will take their turn to appear on stage/ in the market. Let each of them runs their course, and then the next animal will appear. If they happen to appear at the same time, the market will be very volatile, whipping up and down. Chaotic and messy.

Noble - Timing the Market
Noble Group daily chart.
Trendlines are drawn over the bar charts, representing daily open, close, high and low prices.
Uptrend means bullish. Prices going higher within the up channel.
Downtrend means bearish. Prices going lower within the down channel.
When prices breakout from the downtrend resistant, it will change into uptrend, with a few up bars formed, and thus bullish, and vice versa.

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