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Friday, November 21, 2008

fully customised 3D figurine

Client's brief:-
"We'll like to order a full custom figurine.

We want to make a figurine of our boss, David, in his Paintball attire.
Attached are the pics.
Pic 1-4 show him in his paintball attire.
Pic 5-6 are close-ups of his face.
Pic 7-8 are close-ups of the weapon he used during paintball.

Please ensure that the figurine include the following details:
- figurine holding the blue mask in one hand
- figurine holding the weapon in the other hand
- some yellow paint splatters on figurine's shirt and pants (these are the spots where David got shot by other people during Paintball game)

I'll inform you of the wordings to add to the figurine base in a few days. It'll be >15<30>

fully customised 3D caricature figurine angle 1
This order is different from the usual order.
The latter is customised the head only, according to the photos of the face provided by client.
The body and settings\ are ready made.
This one is fully-customised.

fully customised 3D caricature figurine angle  2
New mould needs to be created for the body.
This means the time to do it is longer.

Cost is higher too.
fully customised 3D caricature figurine angle  3
But you get what you need.:)))
fully customised 3D caricature figurine angle  4

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