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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Comic illustration - Don't catch the bottom!

Comic strip illutration - Don't catch the bottom watermark
Never never never guess a bottom in the stock market.
Always wait for the turn.
You may miss the lowest price.
But it saves you from so much risk when you buy at the first turn-up.

DBS - Don't catch the bottom
Take this DBS for example.
It is trading with this downtrend channel.
It hits bottom 1 and bounces off.
Then hits bottom 2 and bounces off again.
By the time it hits bottom 3, and you will tell yourself - this time I am not going to miss it.
This is the next bottom. And you jump in to buy.
Guess what?!
It pierces right through and plunges down.
If you wait for the up-turn, which didn't materialise at bottom 3 though, you don't have to lose that money at all!

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