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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Caricatures for DBS

A farewell and retirement gift.Just like the OCBC jobs, another group from DBS came to me, wanted to have a caricature done for this gentleman.
Told them that there's another similar order for the same person.
They dropped the idea. If I wanted more business, shouldn't have told the latter. Hahaha..... Anyway, can't finish in time.

Caricatures DBS pencil sketch
Took a long time sketching this draft, as compared to the inking and colour.
Ya. Need to compose the layout and getting the features right, at this scale.
The paper was A2 size. Sounds large but looking at the amount of details to be included, space for the caricatures were rather limited. Thus, have to pay more attention to the features especially.
Caricatures DBS pen and ink
Inking and colouring were hard too, given that this was a portrait format. Have to reached the top part when drawing, and yet not crumbling the paper below.

Caricatures DBS A4
Clearer now with the colours put in.
Mainly to show his lifestyle.
1) Working in DBS, with the DBS building in the background.
2) His hobby - tennis.
3) Another hobby - playing with the percussion drum (this was what the other party had in mine for their order too).
4) always longing to watch "The Spiderman" movie, but didn't have the time. Now enjoying the movie with popcorn in his hand.
5) Leaving for United States for his retirement, with the landmark - Statue of Liberty in the background.

Though it took longer than my usual time to complete such collage/montage style of drawing, but I think the effort I put in was worth it. The outcome was good too! Got satisfaction too.


JK said...

I must say nice wk:) Jackson Tai is the CEO of DBS.

jit said...

You worked in DBS? Hahaha......

JK said...

Sort of hehe:) Have u found a new place since this current one is going to renovate soon? Ive linked u in my blog just in case u moved, and I need to locate u:)

jit said...

Thanks for the link.
Will update on my website and blog on the new address.
Most likely will work from home first, as exposure on internet is rather good currently. Paople mainly found me through search engines. Have other things to work on too. Can't take in too much jobs anyway.

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