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Monday, December 31, 2007

Caricature live sketching for another birthday party

Birthday celebration for this gentleman's 60th birthday at Sano Bar at One Fullerton.

1.5 hours event for me.
Managed to reach One Fullerton carpark around 8pm (from SSC event) without any traffic jam (NYE countdown near Esplanade tonight), as I took the route of ECP, exit from Prince Edward Road, instead of taking the route of Nicoll Highway.

Saw some crowd along the shoreline. Found the outdoor white tent of Sano Bar. Thought I will be sitting there to sketch for the night, at least can have a nice view of the Esplanade side.
Called the client, and only to find out that their party was held indoor - the other part of Sano Bar.
Not that bad at all. At least air-conditioned.
Caricature bithday party 311207 1
This little boy was second on the queue list. Waited eagerly for his turn.
Since the little girl (see below) wasn't around, I started with him.
Quite surprised when he told me he likes bowling.
He uses a bowling ball for 6-year-old kid. No wonder.....

Caricature bithday party 311207 2
Daughter of the birthday 'boy'.

Caricature bithday party 311207 3
Caricature bithday party 311207 4
Caricature bithday party 311207 5
Caricature bithday party 311207 6
Caricature bithday party 311207 7
Didn't realise that she wrote her name twice on the queue list.
Caricature bithday party 311207 8
She asked me if I can draw from her previous caricature, which I have just drawn.
I would prefer to sketch from the real person again.Anyway, some details were lost in the caricature sketching process.Hmmm...... if I use the first caricature as reference for the second piece, second piece as reference for the third piece, and so on.... wonder what will happen to the tenth piece. Is it the best version? Minimum lines which will capture the essence of that person? Or can't recognise that person at all? Maybe can try it one day... but I don't like to repeat. Already felt bored sketching her face for second time.....

Caricature bithday party 311207 9
Caricature bithday party 311207 10
As I was sketching halfway, I realised there were quite a number of people (think more than 20 people) crowding outside ( we were sitting next to full-height glass windows). Was the crowd interested in my drawing, or in this sexily dressed in low V-cut dress lady? Could be both, as there were some ladies among the crowd, but most of them were guys! Hahaha.....

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