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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Caricature live sketching for Kimetics

One hour event at Furama City Centre again.
Some miscommunication with the event company for this event.
When he made a booking with me for this events few weeks back, I told him I have adjusted my price. He said ok. Quite surprising. Thought he will said ' No lah. Can you charge me the old price this time? Budget lah....."
Then 1 day before the event, in case it may slip his mind on this new rate, I messaged him.
He replied, asked me why I jack up my price last minute? And he told me the reason above.
Told him it was agreed earlier. I didn't change my price last minute.
He agreed.
I am prepared that this will be our last job.
At the event, he saw me sketching the caricatures using fountain pen. He was surprised, saying that seldom see caricaturists in Singapore used such mediums.
Then I overheard him speaking to the guests that he saw and used many caricaturists in Singapore, but hard to find such a good skill one. Really?!! Thank you. So touched. At least my efforts in getting quality caricatures were appreciated.
Maybe this was not our last job! Hahaha......

That event organiser kept looking and checking (if the ink was dried) on this couple caricatures.
Think he likes this artwork.
I like it too, especially the guy's caricature.

These few caricatures were quite good to me. At least, they liked their caricatures.

Her boyfriend didn't manage to get his caricature done, as there wasn't enough time to sketch him. At least can snap a photo together.

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