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Friday, December 07, 2007

Caricature live sketching for Rohm & Haas Singapore Annual D&D 2007

William the caricaturist can't make it for this event.
He passed it to me.
One hour event at Grand Copthorne Waterfront.

Very eager to get drawn, even before the starting time. Asked me twice whether I can start now.

A close resemblance one, I think.

He kept asking his friend whether it looked like him, and then subsequently commented that it doesn't look like him.
I think so too.
See the eyes of the caricature? Smaller than the actual person, right?
When I started inking the eyes, he was smiling, on and off.
Thus, his expressions were not consistent throughout. It was like piecing features of different facial expressions (and muscle changes) together!
That's the worst part for me.
I told him that he has to hold his smile all the way, or else I can't capture his essence (features and facial muscle) the caricature won't look like him. He said ok. Still smiling initially, and subsequently not smiling at all, even if I asked him to do so.
He chose to do so. I have done my best.

These 2 gentlemen saw the outcome of the friend's caricature.
They knew the importance of holding on their smiles.
They told me right from the start of the sketching that they wanted a smiling caricature.
See the difference now?

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