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Friday, November 30, 2007

Caricature live sketching for AMEX Magic Movie D&D

Will that gentleman be here today? Just curious, as the dates were rather close, and same corporate.
Some miscommunication with the event company of this event.
She emailed me, stating the time is 1 hour, from 6pm.
Sent her an invoice stating the time, date and venue.
She called me yesterday, asked me to be at the venue (Swissotel, Raffles Balllroom) 15 minutes earlier.
Didn't notice there was a time difference.
I reached there around 5:45pm, and the other caricaturist was already there.
We started at 6pm, though the guests were not many.
Ended at 7pm. Reggie left for another event, and I went to collect payment from the event organiser.
She told me we should start at 6:30pm.
Told her that her email stated 6pm, and my invoice stated the same timing.
She asked whether we can extend for another 30 minutes, but Reggie had left.
I said we have sketched for 1 hour, and there were guests being sketched at 6pm.
We didn't sketch less. Luckily, I have the photos taken, with the time stamped, viewable on the properties of each photo on computer.
She requested these photos to be emailed to her, in case her client requested for the proof.
Anyway, this session was quite enjoying to me.....

because of this wig and caricature. Fun to draw, and I loved the outcome.

This was quite close, in terms of the essence captured.

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