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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Caricature live sketching for CPF Board Annual D&D 2007

An hour event at Furama City Centre, which used to be named as Furama Hotel.
Checked on Street Directory before coming, to ensure I don't go to the wrong venue, as I knew there was another hotel named as Furama Waterfront, near Outram and Tiong Bahru area.
Coming to this hotel again this Saturday for another event. So coincidental! Twice in a week!
This client - CPF Board looked for me directly. They wanted a silhouette artist. Thus, I asked William to do it. Given a choice, I would still prefer to draw caricatures, as compared to silhouette cutting.

First to kick start this event.

Enjoyed drawing her hairstyle.

Her features were fun to draw!

I think this one was one of the best live caricatures done.
Fun to sketch, not very unique features overall but with characters - Nerdy (Sorry!)
I gave him a full body caricature to bring out this essence, with a bag sling over his shoulder.
Shiok Shiok!!!

All of these caricatures lying on the desk next to me. Why? Hahaha..... I have put in too much ink. All waiting to be fully dried up before inserting into the plastic bags.

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