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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Portraits in pencil

A relatively distorted and under-exposed photo given.
Think the lens was too closed to the subject when it was taken.
Top of the hair was cropped off too. I added in upon the client's request.
This usually happened when using handphone camera.
Even the portrait came out look distorted to me.

Third sketch done before the shading.
The proportion here was rather different from what I usually did.
Noticed the total width of the 2 eyes was only half of the width of the whole portrait?
Didn't get it in the first 2 rough sketches.
Felt strange why it looked off.
Studied the photo again and did it at the third time.

At least, the outcome was satisfying. Worth the effort of sketching it 3 times.
One of the better portraits I have done recently.

Top of the guy's hair was cropped off in the photo.
I have to add in based on imagination again, so that the overall portraits looked better, and complete.

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